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Release 1.3.0

Release July, 31, 2013

This Release introduces big file handling and resuming and introduces significant improvements and fixes. Update is recommended

AirBoxNow Client, version 1.3.0

  • Default proxy port to 8080
  • Don’t lose proxy settings when changing passwords
  • Support SOCKS5 proxy (useful in combination with ssh -D)
  • Improve proxy wizard
  • Display proxy errors
  • Solved problems with lock files
  • Warn if for some reason all files are scheduled for removal on either side
  • Avoid infinite loop if authentication fails in certain cases
  • Fix reading the password from the config in certain cases
  • Do not crash when configured sync target disappears
  • Make –help work on windows
  • Make sync feedback less ambiguous.
  • Fix icon tray tooltip sometimes showing repeated content
  • More use of native directory separators on Windows
  • Remove journal when reusing a directory that used to have a journal before
  • Visual clean up of status dialog items
  • Wizard: When changing the URL or user name, allow the user to push his data to the new location or wipe the folder and start from scratch
  • Wizard: Make setting a custom folder as a sync target work again
  • Fix application icon
  • User-Agent now contains “Mozilla/5.0″ and the Platform name (for firewall/proxy compat)
  • Server side directory moves will be detected
  • New setup wizard, defaulting to root syncing (only for new setups)
  • Improved thread stop/termination
  • Big file chunking (e.g. up/download of big files should now be no problem anymore)
  • Resuming (download of big files will resume)
  • Fix false conflicts when database is corrupt/missing
  • Fix false conflicts when file is locked
  • Put legitimate conflict files only on client side
  • Fix unreliable sync after push_file failed
  • Fix rename due to inode cast error
  • Make chunking work on nginx setups or through nginx proxies
  • Fix issues detected by Coverity
  • Fix conflict file appearing when a file cannot be stated
  • Do not shadow server errors by not downloading files that have failed to download in the past


Release 1.2.5

Released May, 23, 2013

This is another bugfix release for the 1.2 line, coming with important bug fixes. Update is recommended.

AirBoxNow Client, version 1.2.5

  • [Fixes] NSIS installer fixes.
  • [Fixes] Fix crash race by making certificateChain() thread safe.
  • [Fixes] Build with older CMake versions (CentOS/RHEL 6).
  • [Fixes] Wording in GUI
  • [Fixes] Silently ignore “installed = true” status.php
  • GUI feedback for the statistics copy action.
  • Safer approach for detecting duplicate sync runs.
  • [Fixes] Resource exhaustion
  • Better logging of statedb-related errors


Release 1.2.3

Released april, 2, 2013

AirBoxNow Client, version 1.2.3

  • [Fixes] Unbreak self-signed certificate handling