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Collaborate without friction

Let’s have a look at 3 common scenarios and what benefits AirBoxNow! brings in each cases:

Without AirBoxNow!
With AirBoxNow!

Scenario 1 – A distributed team of designers

A team needs to deliver a prototype by tomorrow morning. So everybody is burning midnight oil.

  • Team members need to copy out latest project files to a USB thumbdrive to bring home.
  • When a team member updates one of the project files, he will need to email to the rest of the team. As more updates take place, multiple copies of the files are emailed back and forth, creating a nightmare in tracking the latest copy of the files.
  • Everybody has a copy of the project files.

  • The team is able to effortlessly work until late at night from the comfort of their home by accessing the project’s AirBoxNow! folder from home.
  • Team members can upload their latest files to the shared folder and the team can just access the folder for the latest copy of the project files.
  • A single, centralised, highly organised repository of the project files.


Scenario 2 – A busy always-on-the-move sales consultant

You are a busy sales consultant who is looking to maximise your time by meeting as many customers are possible.

  • You have to transfer your latest pricing files, brochures and demo videos to your notebook and carry it around.
  • When a customer calls for information, you need to call back the office for the information, or search for the information from your notebook.
  • When the office releases a new version of pricing files or brochures, they will need to email to you and then you have to save those attachments to your notebook.

  • Only carry your iPad or Android tablet and do your presentation straight from your tablet by accessing your personal files from your AirBoxNow! account
  • When a customer calls for information, you just need to access the file from your iPhone or Android smartphone and provide the answer on the spot.
  • The office can just update the latest pricing files and brochures on AirBoxNow! and you will automatically have the latest copy even when you are on the road.


Scenario 3 – Sharing large documents between offices

Company A is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with plants in Penang and Kota Kinabalu. It also has offices in London and Tokyo.

  • The plants in Penang and Kota Kinabalu send regular output reports to the other offices to update on the production status via email.
  • The HQ uses FTP to transfer large design files to London and Tokyo office. FTP is user-unfriendly and problematic behind certain firewall setups.

  • The plants upload the reports to an AirBoxNow! folder which is shared with the other offices. All files uploaded are automatically backuped. Finding previous reports is simple.
  • The HQ uses AirBoxNow! to  share large design files with London and Tokyo office. Everything is web-based making it effortless to use behind a firewall.